Printers and Scanners

There is a vast array of printers and scanners – all-in-one, laser, inkjet, photo, scanner, wireless. Not only do they operate differently, they provide different functionality and capabilities.

An all-in-one printer provides printer, scanner, copier and fax capabilities in one piece of equipment. Some can even read your digital camera’s memory card so that you can print out your latest photos direct on the printer.

For those producing lots of copies, a laser printer is a good option and provides better results for printing text-based documents at a cheaper overall cost.

An inkjet printer produces great quality copies. It can copy photographs from your computer and some can read directly from your camera’s memory card. Good quality paper and ink cartridges are required to reproduce the best copies

Photo printers can produce great quality prints from files held on your computer or directly from your camera’s memory card. There is an LCD screen so that you can easily view the photographs you want to print and with borderless printing, they produce copies the like of which you would get from the likes of Jessops.

A scanner is a great tool in today’s digital age. You can scan, store and share old family photographs, as well as get important paper documentation to a third party quickly via email.

You can go wireless so everyone in the household can access and use the same printer. A router and a network adapter in each PC enables wireless printing.

Hubbub can help you determine your printer and scanner options. We can recommend a solution that is fit for purpose and can scale to meet your future requirements. We can share the printer and scanner so that every PC in your household can utilise it, enabling your whole family to enjoy the printer and scanner without the need to use your PC to print from.

Whatever you need, we can deliver.

What have you got to lose? Why not give us a call on 0131 552 7601 and get a little Hubbub know-how working for you.

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