Home Network

Multiple computers, laptops and other devices such as printers, gaming consoles and a media streamer can be networked to deliver seamless home connectivity. There are lots of options available but how do you know which one would best suit your household? Or what you do if a problem occurs?

Whatever you need, whether you want to create your own home network or have a problem with existing home network equipment, Hubbub can help. Wired or wireless, wireless-G or wireless-N, you don’t have to understand the underlying technology. We will ensure that your whole house and garden have coverage and that everything is taken care of, including the correct placement of your router, setting your security level, and connecting your equipment. And be assured that we will help you overcome any internet and connection challenges you may face.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility a home network delivers knowing that it is secure and safe. Whatever you need, we can deliver.

What have you got to lose? Why not give us a call on 0131 552 7601 and get a little Hubbub know-how working for you.

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