The range of computers, laptops and tablets is staggering. Do you want to browse the internet, play games, download and view photographs, watch TV, listen to music, stay in touch with family and friends via email, chat, video and messenger, or set up your family tree? Laptop or desktop?

Finding the right PC or iMAC based on your individual requirements is a daunting task.
You need to have the correct processing (CPU) power and memory (RAM) to run the programmes you want to use. What about a CD/DVD drive or graphics card? And you can use a PC as a TV and radio meaning you don’t have to buy a new TV for the kids if there is a computer or laptop that can be used.

Hubbub can help you with this and a million other technical questions. We are experts in both desktops and laptops, as well as tablets. We can recommend an operating system that best suits you. We can deliver an anti-virus solution, which not only protects you from viruses it protects against spyware, cookies, phishing and spam. We can make recommendations on a back up programme and a firewall system so not only is our proposed PC fit for purpose, but your PC and files are protected and available on a backup in case of hardware or software failures.

Whatever you need, we can deliver.

What have you got to lose? Why not give us a call on 0131 552 7601 and get a little Hubbub know-how working for you.

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